Steve Cassidy in Grant Wood’s original concept for ‘American Gothic”…

Do you live on the Big island of Hawaii. If not there is someone that looks just like you.

Yes, part of the year in Pa’auilo on the Hamakua coast.

@nickmorettixxx in action!

Man crush of the day - @nickmorettixxx

More of insanely hot @nickmorettixxx !

I want to lick the sweat from @nickmorettixxx ‘s neck after a long workout!

And one more of @DeanPhoenixxx for good measure. Enjoy!

@DeanPhoenixxx Drool of the day.

@DeanPhoenixxx Drool of the day.

More of @DeanPhoenixxx

@DeanPhoenixxxx - one of the hottest fucks I worked with. Good times!

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